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Migatron RPS-326 Sensors

The RPS-326 is a low frequency, sealed transducer sensor best suited for applications where harsh or hazardous environments are a problem. The transducer head is constructed of 316 grade stainless steel and has a CSA explosion-proof rating. The RPS-326 sensor head CSA rating is Class 1, Division 1, Group ABCD. The ranging and proximity modes provide the versatility of simple detection, or actual distance measuring.

The isolated form C relay furnishes N.O. and N.C. outputs, and with the addition of the RPS-500 card various analog outputs are supplied. The RPS-326 sensor, which operates at a frequency of 37kHz, has a narrow sensing beam. Sensing ranges available for the RPS-326 include 24" to 72", and 24" to 240". Mounting flanges, LED indicator, ranging potentiometer and 30ft. transducer cable are included. Optional cable lengths are available.