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Introducing Migatron's ultrasonic sensors and controllers used
in range measurements, tank level control, and proximity detection!

Migatron ultrasonic sensors and controllers

Overcome difficult environments and challenging reflection surfaces with greater accuracy compared to traditional optical sensors!

Migatron's ultrasonic sensors offer these advantages:

  • Long range detection - In industrial sensing, more and more applications require detection over distance. Ultrasonic sensors detect over long ranges up to forty feet, while limit switches and inductive sensors do not.
  • Broad area detection - While some photoelectric sensors can detect over long distances, they lack the ability to detect over a wide area without using a large number of sensors. The advantage of Migatron's ultrasonic sensors is that both wide and narrow areas can be covered. All it takes is the proper ultrasonic transducer selection.
  • Widest range of target materials - Ultrasonic sensors tend to be impervious to target material composition. The target material can be clear, solid, liquid, porous, soft, wood and any color because all can be detected.
  • Non-contact distance measuring - Because sound can be timed from when it leaves the transducer to when it returns, distance measuring is easy and accurate to .05% of range at a distance of 4 inches.
Migatron's versatile ultrasonic sensors

Migatron ultrasonic sensors common applications


  • Models for hazardous areas with ranges from 4 to 18 inches
  • High accuracy and resolution sensors with range of 3 to 16 inches
  • Close range sensors sense from .5 to 30 inches
  • Replacement parts and transducers readily available to avoid down time
  • Analog and on/off output available
  • Versions for temperature compensation
  • Narrow beam and broad beam options
  • Sensors with Teflon body add durability
  • Minimal design with small controllers & transducers for easy fitment
  • Multiplexed version with 2-8 transducers
  • Threaded sensors for easy mounting
  • Use of available on-site voltage to drive the sensors
  • Quick-disconnect cables also available

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