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N-Tron SER 485
Meeting a Need:
It is well established that technology products for industrial applications must be hardier than their commercial counterparts. A wide range of industrial computer equipment is available from a multitude of manufacturers. Equipment such as industrial PC's, ruggedized laptops, control systems, Ethernet I/O, and data acquisition equipment are routinely provided that meet industrial requirements such as:

  • Higher Operating Temperatures
  • Higher Shock Tolerance
  • Expanded Humidity Ranges
  • Ruggedized Enclosures
  • Convenient Industrial Mounting Capabilities

    Ruggedized versions of computing equipment are commonplace in factories today. A large portion of this equipment is connected to the corporate network. Since industrial networking equipment has not been available, nodes are typically connected with individual wiring drops to a climate controlled environment. This creates significant expense, complexity, and reliability issues.

    N-TRON solves this problem by providing a complete family of industrial networking equipment. This allows all Ethernet nodes (i.e. controllers, PLC's, industrial computers, remote I/O, etc.) to be interconnected locally with high speed uplinks to the corporate network.