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Parallel Filters
Parallel Filters

Enerdoor's parallel EMI/RFI filters are unique solutions in the industry. Available up to 750 Vac, these filters can handle any current due to their parallel nature.

When used in conjunction with an Enerdoor filter series, this powerful combination can protect machines in any environment. All parallel filters provide a high level of attenuation starting from 30 kHz and provide a solution for applications with low frequency problems.

The FIN730 and FIN740 filters reduce EMI interference in the frequency range of 30 kHz to 10 MHz; the FIN230 filter has a resonance frequency of 150 kHz and provides a large reduction of interference in the frequency range between 50 kHz and 5 MHz. Both attenuations are well below the requirements of 150 kHz. Thanks to these filter characteristics, the parallel filters may be used alone or in combination with a series filter for situations where the electrical noise level is high in this frequency range. Enerdoor parallel filters are UL recognized and come with DIN rail mounting to permit easy and fast installation.

The parallel filter provides protection for variable frequency drives, SCR, controllers, and other electronic equipment.