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Meet OB7: A zero-programming collaborative robot

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Productive Robotics OB7 Family

The zero-programming cobot to modernize your processes

Productive Robotics collaborative robots are safe for operators to work around, can automate mundane tasks, and are easy to program. These devices are ideal for automating simple to complex tasks of various payloads and sizes. These 4 models are built in the USA with the 7-axis design and a "No programming" user interface.

  • 7-axis flexibility to reach around doors and more
  • Safe to use alongside your existing staff
  • Simple and intuitive interface - No Programming - drag and drop
  • Easy to teach, just move through the movements one time
  • 24/7 Production - can work around the clock

OB7 Bottling

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Productive Robotics

Collaborative Robotics Made Simple

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures the new generation of collaborative robots. The “OB7” robot provides simplicity in use, versatility, automation, and increased output, consistency, and quality.

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