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Schmersal ZS75S Bidirectional
2 NO & 2 NC
4 NC

ZS75S is designed to provide a continuous emergency stop along exposed areas of machinery and conveyors which present hazards to operators/maintenance personnel. Unlike E-stop pushbuttons, emergency stop cable-pull systems can be actuated at any point along the "trip-wire." The units feature positive-opening NC contact(s) which are forced open when the trip-wire is pulled. This design also assures machine stoppage if an operator falls into, leans on, or is pulled against the trip-wire. To comply with OSHA and other safety regulations, the ZS75S features a manual mechanical reset which must be actuated before the controlled equipment can be restarted. In addition the switch is designed to fail-to-safe if the trip wire is cut or goes slack. Their rugged metal housing and watertight design (IP65) make them ideal for achieving a higher degree of E-stop safety in industrial and hostile environments. An optional signal lamp enables distance viewing of switch status.