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AZ415-02/11ZPK - Schmersal Keyed interlock switch ( 101154115 )

AZ415-02/11ZPK - Schmersal
Price: $285.60
Manufacturer SKU: AZ415-02/11ZPK
Manufacturer ID: 101154115

Availability: Stock - 4 weeks
Part Number: AZ415-02-11ZPK

*Actuators must be ordered separately.*

The AZ415 Series has positive-opening NC contacts that provide a significantly higher level of safety than conventional springdriven switches whose contacts can weld or stick shut. And their tamper-resistant design prevents bypassing with simple tools, bent wires or other readily available means.

• Metal enclosure
• Spring-loaded actuators
• Long life
• High level of contact reliability with low voltages and currents
• Adjustable ball latch to 400 N
• 2 cable entries M 20 x 1.5
• 2 switches with different actuating functions in one enclosure
• 84,6 mm x 103,6 mm x 46,5 mm

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