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CSS14-34-S-SD-M-ST - Schmersal Pulse Echo non contact sensor ( 101181066 )

CSS14-34-S-SD-M-ST - Schmersal
Price: $392.70
Manufacturer SKU: CSS14-34-S-SD-M-ST
Manufacturer ID: 101181066

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Part Number: CSS14-34-SSDMST

2 PNP Safety Outputs
1 PNP Signaling Output

The CSS 34 non-contact, electronic safety sensor is designed for application in safety circuits and is used for monitoring the position of movable safety guards. In this application the safety sensor monitors the closed position of hinged, sliding or removable guards with the aid of a coded actuator. The CSS 34 Safety Sensor fulfills the requirements for proximity devices with defined behavior under fault conditions according to EN 60947-5-3 with the classification PDF-M (self-monitoring).