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Schmersal Video Archive

This video highlights the design features of the Schmersal AZM200 series and shows how the units are properly mounted.

The AZM200 is a solenoid latching interlock switch with a door handle actuator. It uses Schmersal's Pulse Echo non-contact sensing technology to provide continuous internal function tests, allowing a series connection up to 31 devices while still maintaining Control Category 4 or Performance Level "e". The door handle actuator has an optional inside emergency release that meets ANSI RIA 15.06 Requirements.

This video features Schmersal Application Engineer Shaun Villanueva demonstrates the muting function of the SLC 425I Safety Light Curtain.

A product demonstration of the BDF200 Control Panel from Schmersal, presented by Devin Murray, Schmersal Application Engineer

The Series BDF control station provides machine operators and maintenance personnel with the ability to E-Stop, control start up, reset and select the appropriate mode of machine operation in a single housing.

Each control station has up to four positions for a wide variety of controls: E-Stop buttons with or without a protective collar; Pushbuttons, mushroom buttons, illuminated pushbuttons, and LED indicator lights available in several standard colors; Selector and key selector switches with latched or spring return actuation.

The slim design of the BDF, 40mm, permits mounting on a machine door frame.

This latest release from Schmersal meets all the North American approvals including cUL as well as European standards EN 60947-5-1 and EN 60947-5-5.

The BDF is also available with integrated AS Interface Safety at Work

Sr. Application Engineer Dawn Etta explains pulse echo products and demonstrates serial diagnostic coverage.

Schmersal has developed and patented a proprietary technology known as Pulse-Echo. Sensors with this technology will evaluate the predetermined frequency of the actuator which is emitted after it has been triggered by an electromagnetic pulse. This operating principle allows for a non-contact actuation.

Because of an integrated dual monitoring microprocessor, only one switch is required to meet PLe per ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 per IEC 62061. These models can be wired in series with up to 31 devices without degradation to the safety levels. In addition to the LED visualization located on the switch to indicate operating statuses and errors, each switch has a diagnostic cable with the option of communicating its status via serial data packages.

The Pulse-Echo family include:

  • AZ200 keyed interlock with door handle actuator
  • AZM200 solenoid locking interlock with door handle actuator
  • CSS180 thread cylindrical sensor
  • CSS30S IP69K rated stainless steel sensor
  • CSS34 rectangular sensor
  • MZM100 magnetic interlock