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Turck Microfast 1/2" Connectivity

Turck - Microfast 1/2" Cordsets

The Microfast cordsets styles feature the industry standard 1/2"-20 threaded connectors and 2 thru 6 - wire.

Turck - Microfast 1/2" Field Wireables

The Microfast field-wireable connectors features a variety of mechanical connections and connection techniques.

Turck - Microfast 1/2" Junction Boxes

The Microfast junction boxes offer complete solutions for AC I/O. Available with integral home run cable or quick disconnect.

Turck - Microfast 1/2" Receptacles

The Microfast 1/2" Receptacles come in Front Mount, Back Panel Mount, and Feed-thru Receptacle Options. Choice between 1/2-14NPSM Threads, 1/2-14NPT Threads, 1/4-18NPT Threads, and 11/16-24 Thread.

Turck - Microfast 1/2" Splitters

The Microfast 1/2" Splitters come in four branch, three wire options with Pigtail to ½-20UN Threaded Connectors.

Turck - Microfast 1/2" Accessories

The Microfast 1/2" Accessories offer a selection of Adapters for PG9 Thread, Adapters for 1/2-14NPSM Thread, Adapters for Minifast to Microfast, and Solder Cups.