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Turck XOR Bulk Cable Connectivity

XOR Cables

XOR Cables made with irradiated PVC are steady temperature rated from -25 Degrees C to +80 Degrees C (-13 Degrees F to 176 Degrees F), and short-term rated to +250 Degrees C (+482 Degrees F). Conductors and jacket are resistant to melting under conditions such as weld-flash, contact with hot objects (e.g. soldering iron) or under short-circuit conditions (to VDE 0298). Superior performance in the presence of oils and organic solvents causes no swelling, as well as outstanding tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Unlike stranded PVC, it does not exhibit signs of aging in the presence of hot oil. No reduction of physical properties when soaked 168 hours at +90 Degrees C (+194 Degrees F) in ASTM #2 oil (re: VDE 0472 part 802). Fine litz-wire stranded construction provides superior performance in flex applications.

Turck Reelfast XOR Bulk Cables Catalog Pages in *.pdf format