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Turck PUR Flexlife-20 (S90/S101) Bulk Cable Connectivity

PUR Flexlife-20 (S90/S101) Cables

Flexlife-20, Turck's latest innovation in high-flex cable, guarantees performance to 10 million cycles of continuous flexing, bending and twisting motion found in C-track, robotic and other motion systems. Our standard flexlife PVC and PUR control cables are designed to meet a minimum of 2 million flex cycles, but are often in use 7 to 8 million flex cycles and years later. The flexlife-20 design includes finely stranded custom alloy conductors, and proprietary blended thermoplastic insulation and cable jacket compounds. A flex facilitator made of Teflon is wrapped around the conductors, preventing heat build-up due to friction between the cable jacket and conductors during the flex cycle.

Turck Reelfast PUR Flexlife-20 (S90/S101) Bulk Cables Catalog Pages in *.pdf format