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What can we stock for you?

What can Walker Industrial stock for you?

Everyone is struggling with long lead times for components… everyone, that is, except for customers of Walker Industrial! We are keeping up to a YEAR’S worth of inventory for certain customers to keep ahead of manufacturing delays. We put our money where our mouth is - let us stock your parts for you!

Q: How do I participate? My vendors are all failing me!

A: It's a piece of cake. Here's how the our inventory program works:

  1. Schedule a planning meeting
    We’ll review your estimated annual usage (EAU) of the components you’d like us to stock for you, compare that to the expected lead times, and come up with a proposal for you.

  2. Proposal Review
    We’ll review with you the list of items. Some we may already stock in large quantities, others we may be able to stock without a firm commitment, and some* may require a PO to cover the inventory. We’ll make all of this clear up front.

  3. Commit
    For most parts we just need a verbal agreement – give us the go-ahead and we’ll put it on the shelf.

  4. Enjoy the time saved in your day NOT chasing down your vendors for an update
    Once we get ahead of the vendor lead times and have the part on the shelf, we will KEEP the part on the shelf for you in anticipation of demand. If you forecast increase usage, just let us know and we’ll ramp up inventory further.

Give us a call at (800) 558-1899 or send us an email at sales@walkerindustrial.com to schedule your planning meeting today.

*Certain parts are custom or non-cancelable, non-returnable from the factory and may require a PO