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TURCK, a specialist in sensor, fieldbus, and connectivity

Turck is a leading manufacturer of Inductive Proximity Sensors, Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Connectors, Cables, Cordsets, Flow Sensors, Ultrasonic, Intrinsically Safe Products and Automation Controls.

Turck's products and automation solutions increase the availability and efficiency of your systems, whether they are applied in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, transport and handling, food and packaging, or in-machine and plant construction. Through intensive dialog with customers, Turck is able to pair industry-specific knowledge with electronics development and production of the highest level to ensure optimal solutions for all of your automation challenges.

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New at Turck!

TBPN Hybrid Safety Block I/O Module
Turck's PROFISafe block I/O module is the first to deliver both safety and general purpose I/O to the PLC. This TBPN module features up to IP69K protection, which allows for mounting directly on to the machine. It has two dedicated safety input channels, two configurable safety input/output channels, and four dual input/output general purpose I/O channels. Learn more

QR24 Sensor with IO-Link Technology
The QR24 is now available with IO-Link, serving as the world's first contactless rotary position device with this interface. Thanks to IO-Link, this single turn device can be connected with standard 3-wire cables rather than expensive, shielded twisted pair cables. Learn more

Turck's Wide Automation Offering

Connectivity products that connect the sensing devices to higher-level control components - and much more! Explore
A complete line of incremental and absolute encoders with unique advantages. Explore
Industrial Network
Intelligent bus stations, with built-in bus electronics, interface with your existing devices. Explore
Instrinsic Safety
Eliminate the need for a dedicated ground with safety products & isolated barriers. Explore
Relays & Timers
Superior reliability combined with many time-saving standard features, resulting in simplified testing and minimum down time. Explore
The first modular RFID system with built-in I/O on the market. Plus, BL ident can be integrated into existing platforms. Explore
Inductive Proximity, Capacitive Proximity, and Ultrasonic Proximity sensors, as well as Flow Sensors, Pressure Sensors, and Temperature Sensors. Explore
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