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Space Saving. Time Saving. High Performance.
To ensure optimal machine and system uptime, it is essential for many relays to operate reliably in environments with intense vibrations. Additionally, there is a need for compact modules suitable for flat control cabinets. The TERMSERIES-compact effectively addresses both of these requirements and is universally applicable in a wide range of applications.
Space Saving
Extremely compact with only 6.4mm width and 63mm depth
Installation Time
Reduced wiring by PUSH IN connection technology
High efficiency and user-friendliness

Your Benefits
  • 100% vibration-proof thanks to enclosed design
  • Simplified function check thanks to integrated status LED
  • Particularly tamper-proof thanks to permanently installed relays
  • Multi-voltage input with 24-230 VUC and 12-60 VUC available
    for the first time in an extremely compact design