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NEMA 4X Washdown Duty
SCR (White) DC Controls
Baldor - BCWD140 BCWD140 - Baldor 1HP/115V/2H-220V/KBPC-240D/5CR N4, Electronic Control K.B. Control

BCWD140 - Baldor 1HP/115V/2H-220V/KBPC-240D/5CR  N4, Electronic Control K.B. Control

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Baldor NEMA 4X Washdown Duty SCR (White) DC Control Applications:

Used in constant torque, new or replacement applications.

BC154, BCWD140 and BC160 are non-regen controls with reversal by means of switching the armature leads (BCWD140 has a forward/brake/reverse switch mounted). BC254 is a line regenerative SCR control that can drive the motor to a timed stop. BC354 is a PWM control that provides low-ripple DC power to the motor allowing more Hp when used with a 130 or 260 VDC motor. All offer a choice of armature or tachometer feedback and a speed or torque mode. No Hp resistors are needed for these controls, current is jumper selectable. BC154, BC160, BC254 and BC354 are painted black and come with a start-stop switch. BCWD140 comes with white epoxy paint and also forward/brake/reverse and run-jog switches.

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