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Banner Laser Distance Measurement Sensors

Laser measurement sensors from Banner Engineering solve a wide variety of Discrete, Analog, and IO-Link sensing applications. Our portfolio of laser sensors includes powerful problem solving, high precision, and long-range sensors.

Laser sensors have traditionally been used for their extended range, visible beam, small spot, and precise detection capabilities. These benefits have often been outweighed by their higher costs compared with other technologies. In recent years, pricing on components has been reduced and the technology has advanced so that the benefits of laser sensors outweigh the cost differential.

Banner Laser Measurement Sensors have been designed to excel in harsh environments and remove common sensing barriers.

Selection Tool

Optimized for the Most Challenging Targets

Automatic Gain Compensation
and Highest Excess Gain in Class

Variety of Beam Spot Sizes
for Consistent Detection

Other sensors can be oversaturated and experience increased error from shiny targets. Banner laser sensors automatically decrease gain to maintain accuracy.

  • Small spot minimizes measurement variation across color transitions

  • Change sensor orientation for more reliable detection of shiny objects

  • Small beam spot is ideal for precise profiling of small features

  • Similarly, dark objects provide a very weak signal, so our laser sensors automatically increase gain to amplify the received signal and reliably measure targets that other sensors can't see.

  • Large spot provides averaging across rough surfaces for more measurement stability

  • Some Applications for the sensors:

    Q4X Series

    • Detection of 3mm hole in metal part
    • End of roll detection - measuring diameter and using dual mode for intensity changes

    Q5X Series

    • Conveyor Jam Detection
    • Dark objects at sharp angles Fork truck driver aid using PFM outputs to tower light or WLS27 Pro

    LTF Series

    • Airport Metal Cart Detection
    • Sugar Beet Pile Height
    • Plastic Pellet detection in Silos
    • Molten Metal detection

    LE Series

    • Line Flow Control
    • Uneven Roll diameter – measures each side to make sure even and signals a TL50 if become lopsided

    LM Series

    • Print head positioning
    • Wheel rim manufacturing – 3 pairs to verify tolerance
    • Double Sheet Detection
    • Granite thickness profiling
    • Cap in place/correct orientation on very small pharma vials