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Banner Engineering K80L Segmented EZ-LIGHT
Banner Engineering K80L Quad: Segmented Four-Color Point-of Use Indicator

The Banner Engineering K80L Quad Series features include:

  • Individual color quadrants can be lighted separately or in combination
  • Provides operator guidance, even for those with limited color recognition ability
  • PNP (sourcing) or NPN (sinking) input type, depending on model
  • For error-proofing and “Andon”* applications
  • * Andon lights on machines or production lines indicate operation status. They are often located overhead for workers or a supervisor to view them.

    The K80L Quad is a 4-color point-of-use indicator which can be used to send nonlingual messages to an operator or to monitor multiple locations.

    The four independently selected colors provide the ability to communicate up to four messages, or more if they are used in combination. For example, a green sector could be lit to communicate “all systems OK,” and blue could represent “service needed soon”. Green plus red ON together could mean something different from either color ON individually.

    Indicator colors are fixed in a standardized location, which is helpful for people who have limited color recognition capability.

    The K80L Quad mounts easily on a flat surface, but can also be placed on various types of pipe for elevated use. In addition to customer-supplied pipe and conduit, Banner offers stainless steel pipe and other mounting accessories.