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Banner Engineering Indicator Lights

Base Mount Indicators

Banner's base mount indicators offer a wide variety of bright, highly visible models ranging from daylight visible to multiple colors in one device. Indicators have a rugged design for long-term use and require no additional protective box.

T-Style Mount Indicators

Banner's low-profile T-style mount indicators are designed for long-term use and require no additional protective box.

Barrel Mount Indicators

Banner's barrel mount indicators are compact, light-weight, and extremely rugged.

Flush Mount Indicators

Banner's flush mount indicators are easy to mount to flat surfaces such as walls and panels.

Touch Buttons

Banner is the leader in ergonomic, visual and sealed operator touch buttons for industrial applications. Since Banner Touch Buttons can have multiple colors and I/O capabilities, they can replace several conventional buttons, making them ideal in lean manufacturing environments.

Hazardous Area Indicators

Hazardous areas are no problem with Banner's intrinsically safe, encapsulated and non-sparking indicators.