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Banner Engineering Safety Muting Modules
Banner Engineering EZ-Screen Safety Muting Modules

Module monitors two or four redundant inputs to automatically suspend the safety function of a safety light screen during a nonhazardous portion of a machine cycle.

Banner Engineering EZ-Screen Safety Muting Modules Family product highlights:

  • An optoelectronic safeguarding device
  • Compact package for smaller production machines, robust for large power presses
  • Creates a screen of synchronized, modulated infrared sensing beams
  • Choose from resolutions in 12 sizes, in 150 mm (6") increments: – 14 mm (0.55") resolution models with defined areas from 150 mm to 1.8 m (6" to 71")
  • Optional remote Test input terminals for simulating a “blocked” condition (available on some emitter models)
  • Easily configured Reduced Resolution (Floating Blanking)
  • Three-digit display provides diagnostic information and indicates number of beams blocked
  • Zone indicators identify blocked beams
  • FMEA tested to ensure control reliability
  • Receiver LEDs provide system status and emitter / receiver alignment indications
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash, and strobe light
  • Two-piece design with External Device Monitoring
  • Vibration-tolerant, factory burned-in emitter and receiver circuitry for toughness and dependability
  • Safety PLC input compatible (per OSSD specifications)