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SureCross Easy Wire Replacement Products
Performance Board Modules

Performance Board (PCB) Modules »

Replace any discrete or analog signal quickly and easily using our -PB2 board modules. These are small wireless PCBs that have the power and range of the Performance series, but do not have an LCD or housing. They can be DIN rail mounted within a control panel or used as a daughter board inside a sensor or transmitter.

Serial Data Radios

Serial Data Radios »

SureCross Serial Data Radios are wireless industrial communication devices used to extend the range of a serial communication network. Serial data radios may be configured to operate using either a star or MultiHop network topology.

Ethernet Data Radios

Ethernet Data Radios »

MultiHop Ethernet Data Radios are used to create point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet networks. These radios offer simple, non-configurable ethernet switch operation that does not require IP address configuration.