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SureCross Wireless I/O Products from Banner Engineering

The Banner SureCross Wireless System is an industrial wireless I/O network that can operate in extreme environments and eliminate the need for costly wiring. The most basic SureCross sensor network includes a Gateway system controller and one or more Nodes that monitor and/or control I/O in remote locations.

Nodes are deployed throughout a facility for gathering sensor data. This sensor data is then transmitted back to the Gateway. Installation is fast and easy with flexible mounting and power options.

DX80 Gateways

A Banner SureCross Gateway is the wireless network master device used to control network timing, schedule communication traffic, and hold the configuration for the entire I/O sensor network. Similar to how a gateway device on a wired network acts as a “portal” between networks, the SureCross Gateway acts as the portal between the wireless network and the central control process. Every Banner wireless I/O sensor network requires one Gateway device. A Gateway may also act as a Modbus slave in a host control system using RS-485 Modbus RTU.

Gateway models are available with discrete I/O, analog I/O, and a mix of discrete and analog I/O. Models ending in C use external terminal blocks instead of internal terminal blocks. These "C" models are Class I, Division 2 certified when installed in a suitable enclosure.

DX80 Nodes

Nodes are the slave devices within Banner's wireless I/O networks. Nodes collect data from sensors connected to their I/O points and transmit this information back to the Gateway. Nodes may be powered by either 10 to 30V dc or by battery supply module. Banner DX80 Nodes come in a variety of input/output options.

DX70 Point to Point Systems

Banner SureCross DX70 radios deliver an economical, dedicated wireless industrial I/O solution. A pair of configured Gateway and Node modules with direct I/O mapping offers plug-and-play installation. The DX70 models offer high-performance, low-cost wireless sensing with secure bidirectional communications in remote locations, making it an exceptional solution for a wide variety of applications, including:

Remote data acquisition
Remote monitoring of towers or tank farms
Loading dock occupancy monitoring
Physical plant energy monitoring
Water tank level detection
Train car location monitoring and marshalling in train yards
Parking ramp payment kiosk control