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SureCross Wireless I/O Network Accessories

SureCross® Wireless I/O Network Accessories

Antennas and Antenna Accessories »

All antennas listed are FCC approved for use with the SureCross wireless I/O products. This antenna listing includes omni and Yagi antennas, surge suppressors, and antenna cabling in a variety of lengths and end connections.

Solar Supplies »

Using the Banner stand-alone solar power supply can increase the range and efficiency of your wireless sensor network in outdoor installations.

Power Supplies »

Available power supplies include the DX81, DX81P6, DX81H, the FlexPower Solar Supply, PSDIN 24 V dc models, and all replacement batteries.

Sensors Optimized for FlexPower »

These sensors are optimized to work with Banner's SureCross FlexPower industrial wireless I/O radio devices. These sensors have minimized power requirements to prolong battery life, but other sensors can be used with the SureCross devices.

SureCross DX85 Modbus RTU Remote I/O Devices »

The DX85 Modbus RTU remote I/O devices have a Modbus interface and are used to expand the I/O of a Gateway or Modbus host within the wireless I/O sensor network.

Other Accessories »

Other accessories available from Banner that work with the SureCross product line include a variety of cordsets, enclosures, and relay boxes.