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Dodge Reducers

The MagnaGear XTR reducer is manufactured to provide maximum reliability in tough applications and to improve your total cost of ownership. The innovative design incorporates state of the art technology to meet the high standards expected of Dodge reducers. MagnaGear XTR provides the perfect solution for your high torque application needs.

The Dodge MAXUM XTR concentric reducer is a rugged, compact design that generates dependable performance in less space. The housings are made of high strength ductile iron which is necessary for industrial applications. The reducers overhung load capability is also optimized for total system value.

The Dodge QUANTIS product line offers a full line of modular gear drives engineered for flexibility, greater torque density in a compact housing configuration, and increased horsepower capability from 1/4 HP to 75 HP.

The QUANTIS family of products offers the customer three types of gear reducers: in-line helical (ILH), right angle helical bevel (RHB) and motorized shaft mount (MSM).

All three types of reducers are dimensionally interchangeable with major global competitors.

Never before have greater advancements been made in speed reducer technology. The family of Dodge TIGEAR-2 speed reducers is the only complete line of single-reduction, right-angle worm speed reducers specifically engineered with sealing and bushing system technology that can actually lower your total cost of ownership.

Nothing comes close to this technology because almost every component in each reducer is either new or dramatically improved from the previous design. Its gear geometry is optimized for 30% higher torque, greater efficiency, and cooler operating temperatures. Its sealing system has no pressure vent and no compression chamber. It comes with a factory-filled synthetic lubricant that needs no routine oil changes. Plus, by adding the Dodge GRIP TIGHT® adapter, we have the industry's only tapered bushing system with easy-on, easy-off installation and removal. In terms of greater cost savings, extended life, and maintenance-free operation, there's no competition.


The Dodge TORQUE-ARM II surpasses all other reducers on the market because of its industry proven design and patented features. This powerful line of shaft mounted speed reducers – in 12 case sizes through 400 horsepower (HP) – offers unparalleled torque ratings and is quickly becoming the new industry standard. Improved features include: an all-new backstop concept, a patented sealing system, a steel motor mount system, a state-of-the-art, totally modular design with an expanded ratio range to 40:1 and a patented twin tapered bushing system.

The increased ratings on the TORQUE-ARM II line are comparable to the next larger sized TXT reducer and are the result of the extended gear centers, wider gear faces and optimized tooth geometry. The new backstop design features centrifugal lift-off sprags for extended life and can be used with lubricants containing EP additives. In addition, the TORQUE-ARM II line has a patented, premium sealing system that uses an HNBR oil seal protected by a metal excluder seal with rubbing lip. This harsh duty sealing system makes this reducer series a perfect fit for today's harsh duty industries such as aggregates, mining, cement, asphalt, mixing & milling and ethanol.

The new steel motor mount adjusts to multiple center distances and mounts in shaft mount and screw conveyor positions. Its patented twin tapered bushing system - in standard length, short shaft, and metric versions – offers all the features of Dodge's standard twin tapered TORQUE-ARM® bushing design which are unique to Dodge. The patented insertable tapered wedge enables the optional extended tapered bushing kit to be applied for shorter shaft lengths; allowing the replacement of straight bore or single bushed reducers.

Both Torque-Arm II and Motorized Torque-Arm II are ATEX certified.

Motorized Torque-Arm has been found to comply with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements that relate to the design of Category 2 and M2 equipment, which is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. These Essential Health and Safety Requirements are given in Annex II to European Union Directive 94/9/EC of 23 March 1994.