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TIGEAR-2® Right Angle
Worm Gear Reducers
Dodge TIGEAR-2®
Never before have greater advancements been made in speed reducer technology. The family of Dodge TIGEAR-2 speed reducers is the only complete line of single-reduction, right-angle worm speed reducers specifically engineered with sealing and bushing system technology that can actually lower your total cost of ownership.

Nothing comes close to this technology because almost every component in each reducer is either new or dramatically improved from the previous design. Its gear geometry is optimized for 30% higher torque, greater efficiency, and cooler operating temperatures. Its sealing system has no pressure vent and no compression chamber. It comes with a factory-filled synthetic lubricant that needs no routine oil changes. Plus, by adding the Dodge GRIP TIGHT® adapter, we have the industry's only tapered bushing system with easy-on, easy-off installation and removal. In terms of greater cost savings, extended life, and maintenance-free operation, there's no competition.