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Eaton Cutler-Hammer
Comet Proximity Sensors Perfect Prox (Fixed Field Mode)

This is a unique type of diffuse reflective sensor that combines extremely high sensing power (called "excess gain") with a sharp optical cutoff to ignore backgrounds. This allows the sensor to reliably detect targets regardless of variations in color, reflectance, contrast or surface shape, while ignoring objects that are just slightly outside the target range. This gives the Perfect Prox an outstanding ability to solve sensing applications that would be difficult or impossible to manage with other types of sensors. It also makes Perfect Prox one ofthe easiest photoelectric sensors to set up and use. Eaton's Comet Series includes more background rejection models than any other family on the market. Choose from forward or Right Angle viewing, two-, three- or four-wire circuits, cable, micro or mini-connector terminations and a variety of sensing ranges.A visible sensing beam onmost models lets you quicklyconfirm that the sensor isaligned correctly with thetarget. Fine spot modelsprovide an extremely small0.05 in (1.3 mm) light spot foraccurately detecting tinytargets such as fine strands ofwire or targets that are in orbehind small diameter holes.