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Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Eaton offers sensor solutions in inductive, photoelectric and capacitive designs, as well as mechanical limit switches, proximity sensors and even electrical current/voltage switches. Regardless of whether the application is in the machine building sector, packaging technology, the food industry or materials handling, Eaton sensor solutions are used wherever positions have to be measured accurately and reliably.

Photoelectric sensors feature long sensing ranges because they detect objects using light projected over great distances relative to other types of presence sensors. Eaton's Comet Series is a complete line of high-performance, 18-mm tubular sensors available in a variety of optical models to solve virtually any sensing application.  Eaton's Enhanced 50 Series, 50 Series, and 55 Series sensors offer flexibility, durability and high optical performance in a cost-effective, self-contained package.   

Inductive Proximity Sensors detect metallic objects without requiring physical contact with the targets to be sensed. Eaton offers a broad range of robust inductive sensors to suit a wide variety of industrial applications. The E57 Premium+ Series is a broad line of high-performance tubular inductive sensors in a wide variety of power and output configurations. Eaton's E57 Metal Face Series sensors are a great choice when inductive proximity sensors are required to withstand harsh environments. The unique E57 Ferrous-Only family of sensors is designed to detect only ferrous metals, such as steel, iron, nickel or cobalt. Designed with high-volume OEMs in mind, Eaton's value-priced E57 Global Series sensors offer just the features you need for basic, reliable sensing. The adaptable, field-programmable iProx Series sensors are designed to solve your unsolvable applications using SmartSense technology to perform unique sensing functions at extended ranges.