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Eaton Cutler-Hammer 50 Series Sensors
Cutler-Hammer 50 Series Photoelectric Sensors offer flexibility, durability and high optical performance in a cost-effective self-contained package. Choose from four output device modules, four logic function modules, five sensing modes and two types of connection to tailor the sensor to exactly meet your needs. A removable sealed cover allows access to the interchangeable modules. Sensors are available in thru-beam, retroreflective, diffuse reflective and fiber optic sensing modes. Each sensor features a built-in swivel bracket for easy mounting and to allow precise adjustment of the sensor alignment.

Product Features
  • High optical performance includes 100-foot (30.5m) thru-beam range and 6-foot (1.8m) diffuse reflective range
  • Output options include a 2 Amp SPDT relay
  • All units offer light/dark selection
  • Logic options include time delay, one-shot and motion detection
  • Thru-beam models feature an infrared sensing beam along with a visible red LED behind the lens in the source unit to aid in sensor alignment
  • Fiber optic sensors operate in thru-beam or diffuse reflective mode depending on the fiber optic cable selected
  • Glass fiber optic cables plug into NEMA 4 rated sockets on the front of the sensor. Sockets are leakproof even when the fiber optic cables are not plugged in
  • Fully potted construction for use in areas subject to washdown, high shock and/or vibration
  • Choice of pre-wired power cable or built-in mini-connector versions. Standard pre-wired cable length is 6 feet (1.8m)
  • Built-in, patented, 360° rotation 10° tilt ball-swivel base