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371 Commander Rotating Warning Light 


Federal Signal Model 371 incandescent warning lights have a powerful sealed beam lamp that rotates 360 within a glass or polycarbonate dome. Power is delivered to the Commander's rotating lamp by a unique collector ring. The lamp itself is mounted in a pivoting yoke. This allows the lamp beam angle to be adjusted through 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical. Changing the beam angle allows the user to create unique light patterns and/or direct the light for better visibility.

The Model 371 features a 200 watt sealed beam lamp and a high–temperature resistant glass dome. The glass dome of the 371 is ideal for applications such as steel mills or arc furnaces/smelters where high ambient temperatures or red hot materials would melt or damage the dome.

The Commander is available in three colors (amber, blue and red). The dome and ring assembly simply screws on, providing access to the interior of the light.

The new 371 base features electrostatically applied (e-coated) black epoxy paint for greater corrosion-resistance. Wiring can be routed through the pipe-mount opening in the bottom of the light or the two side knockouts can be used for side entry wiring. Installation can be surface-or 1-inch pipe-mount. Optional wall and corner mount brackets are available.

The 371 is Type 4X, IP66 rated, UL and cUL Listed, and CSA Certified.


  • Available in 120VAC
  • Three dome colors
  • Pivoting lamp yoke
  • Surface mount and integrated 1–inch pipe mount
  • Type 4X, IP66 enclosure
  • UL and cUL Listed, CSA Certified

    pdfDownload the 371 Commander Rotating Warning Light data sheet in *.pdf format.

    pdfDownload the 371 Commander Rotating Warning Light Instruction Manual in *.pdf format.