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The Federal Signal line of high-powered audio amplifiers provides the flexibility, quality, and performance required in an industrial public address system. AudioMaster amplifiers are available in four different power ratings from 600 watts to 3000 watts. Each output channel can be independently configured to drive either the step-down transformers in a distributed "constant-voltage" loud-speaker system (70-volt mode) or a system of loudspeakers that do not require step-down transformers (8/4 ohm mode). Additionally, the Models CTS2000 and CTS3000 can operate in 100-volt mode. The 70-volt and 100-volt outputs eliminate the need for step-up transformers, which can create distortion and cause insertion loss.

The quality of AudioMaster amplifiers is apparent in the noise-free, crystal clear highs and lows they reproduce. The grounded bridge design of the CTS series provides for less distortion and thermal stress, and a simpler, more reliable power supply than found in typical stepped "linear" output systems.

AudioMaster amplifiers consume significantly less power per watt than typical central amplifiers and reduce long term operating costs. A unique soft-start circuit and a four second pseudo-random turn-on delay minimizes inrush currents and eliminates the need for power sequencers.

When combined with the AudioMaster AudioRouter and the complete line of AudioMaster Speakers, these high-powered amplifiers are a key component in a high performance, industrial public address system.


  • Available in power ratings of 600, 1200, 2000, and 3000 watts
  • Two channels
  • Selectable dual or mono modes
  • In–rush limiting
  • Energy efficient
  • Integrated coding system
  • Dual input sensitivity switches
  • ETL Listed

    pdfDownload the CTS Series Public Address High-Powered Amplifiers Datasheet in PDF format

    pdfDownload the CTS Series Public Address High-Powered Amplifiers Instruction Sheet in PDF format