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K80L4GRYB1PQ - Banner Engineering PNP, GRN/RD/YEL/BL

K80L4GRYB1PQ - Banner Engineering
Price: $166.00
Manufacturer SKU: K80L4GRYB1PQ
Manufacturer ID: 77883

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Part Number: K80L4GRYB1PQ

K80L4GRYB1PQ - Banner Engineering PNP, GRN/RD/YEL/BL


Segmented multi-color point-of-use indicator

  • Individual color quadrants can be lighted separately or in combination
  • For error-proofing and "Andon" applications
  • Provides operator guidance, even for those with limited color recognition ability
  • Optional labels for enhanced segment identification
  • Mounts easily on flat surface or pipe for elevated use
  • PNP (sourcing) or NPN (sinking) input type, depending on model
  • Flash functionality available on 1-color models