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Access Your Data In Real-Time

Red Lion's FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge Automation Platform, driven by Crimson®, empowers users to make well-informed decisions by accessing data that would otherwise be inaccessible. When this data is accessible, it becomes feasible to monitor your application in real-time either locally or through cloud services, optimizing operational efficiency.

FlexEdge®, the ultimate edge device, is designed to offer a scalable solution through field-upgradable software, easily interchangeable I/O modules, and communication sleds to adapt to changes in the application. Rest assured, FlexEdge® excels at seamlessly integrating into multi-vendor environments!

  • Completely plug & play
  • Simultaneously convert up to 20 protocols from a selection of over 300 supported drivers.
  • Offer an all-in-one solution that eliminates the necessity for multiple configuration tools.
  • Enable connections to most MQTT cloud servers for data transfer over the internet or for local area network (LAN) communication through OPC UA.
  • Quickly create graphic interfaces using a comprehensive image library featuring more than 5,000 industrial graphics.
  • Provide capabilities through a programming environment with full-featured C-type syntax, supporting advanced mathematical operations, local variables, parameter passing, function calls, return values, and more.
  • Allow remote access to applications using OpenVPN, IpSec, and GRE tunneling protocols.
  • Offer advanced diagnostic tools for faster troubleshooting, including Wireshark captures, connection status monitoring, active route management, and so on.

FlexEdge® Datasheet: