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Schmersal AZ200 Pulse-Echo Non-Contact Sensors
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SZ200-1 - Schmersal SZ200-1 - Schmersal lockout device for AZ200 or AZM201 ( 101196397 )

On accessible protective equipment, the lockout tag prevents persons from being inadvertently being trapped. When accessing the hazardous area, the operating or service staff fixes a padlock to the lockout tag. 1 up to 6 padlocks with a maximum shackle diameter of 6 mm can be fixed. The lockout tag blocks the insertion hole of the actuator, so that the safety guard cannot be locked, thus preventing an unauthorised machine start.

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The AZ200 pulse-echo based non-contact safety interlock is designed for use with movable machine guards/access gates which must be closed for operator safety. The AZ 200 consists of an interlock switch and actuator unit with door handle and optional emergency exit handle. The actuator is always inserted into its housing, protecting the actuator and the operator against damage and injury.